Joe first started to pursue my future avocation of photography while stationed in the Far East with the U. S. Navy. An old Japanese man first taught him the rudiments of darkroom work back in 1955. Since that time he has gone through many different facets such as, acquiring a Bachelor of Science Degree, sales work, insurance investigations and photography sales work in different states before settling down to become a full time photographer back in 1972. Recently Joe has begun to specialize in fine art photography and learning to do several types of Alternative Photographic Processes, settling finally on the Bromoil Process some 3 years ago.


Joe Besse


The Devil's Toothpick ©

Sugarcane Harvesting ©

Shrimp Boats on the Bayou ©

My Tu Tu ©

Meditation ©

Crayfisherman in Swamp ©

Belzaire the Cajun ©

Acadian Village ©

Polaroid SX-70s

Tulips, an impression ©

Shrimp Boats ©

Gateway Lafayette ©