Joan is a self-taught photographer who has her Dad's encouragement to thank for getting an early start. At age 7, he handed her a brownie box camera and sent her on her way. Joan's dad had all the latest camera equipment at that time and was wonderful about nurturing my natural curiosity with photography.

Joan entered the world of photojournalism at an Upstate New York newspaper and spent 12 years there. She discovered Alternative Process photography by studying the work of photographers in the early days of the medium. The process, equipment and lighting used during that era that produced such unmatched beauty drew her in and she had to learn how it's done.

Joan says:

"My greatest passion is to go "backwards" in my photography. I seek to preserve the traditional way of crafting a picture because I believe that's the only way the soul of the artist can reveal itself in the work."


Joan K. Lentini

Polaroid SX-70 / Time Zeros

Fish Creek Crew ©


Hands On ©

Mrscilla Monet ©


Hull Fence ©

Old Car ©


Chittenango Falls ©

Fall Barn ©

Roses ©


Kenya ©

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