Jens was born in 1964 in Eilenburg and grew up in Jena, in East Germany, where he studied engineering. Jens moved to Berlin in 1987 and has worked as a photographer there since 1993. His speciality is architectual photography. He discovered the Platinum and palladium process in 1998 while spending a weekend with his friend and masterprinter Wolfgang Moerschand, and has found that this works very well for his purposes. Before this weekend he hoped that the process wouldn't interest him, be fearing the process would be a lot of work, and material costs high. But from then on Jens hasn't used another process. After some experimenting and trial printing using especially mixed developers by Wolfgang, he found his way of working with lithfilms and soft working paperdeveloper.

Jens says about his work:

"The most important thing of the Platinotypes is the all including combination of different things. I like the structure of paper, the deepness of the image and the rich tone range. I like the rich mid tones especially in my prints from concrete contructions. I like to work with paper, to handle a quite easy starting process on this special way of finding the best quality under a fight with nuances. Maybe I like to solve problems in my work."


Jens Knigge

Platinum & Palladium

Berlin Airport, Tegel ©

Aufgang 6 ©

Gasometer ©

Heizwerk Neukolln ©

Darkroom I ©

Darkroom II ©

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Darkroom IV ©

Klinke ©

S-bahn Neukolln ©

Schwangere Auster ©

Spundwand ©

Tempelhofer Weg ©

Tenenberg ©

Unter der Brucke ©

Wasserturm Westend ©

Krematorium 1 ©

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Quintum 1 ©

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Bundesallee ©

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