For Jennifer, photography is a cumulative process. She often uses multiple images to build spaces in collage type forms, as opposed to confining them within a frame. She is drawn to the idea of collecting, whether it is forms, rooms, spaces, objects. Her use alternative processes sprung up as an option when digital negatives became accessible. She received a BFA from Cooper Union, New York, and an MFA from Goldsmith’s University, London, England. She currently teaches alternative processes and other types of photo classes at The Cooper Union.

This series of cyanotypes generates crystalline forms from habitually discarded Piles of damaged objects. Abandoned to the will of street laws, their new environment and arrangements see them change shape, often to the point of becoming unrecognizable. Laws of gravity and purpose no longer apply, items are released from their given functions. Household items become equals to construction debris in unconsciously formed sculptural Piles. Their borders ebb and flow over the night. They become ephemeral, self-determining depictions of freedoms every city dweller wishes he or she could possess.

"For me, the inherent blue color of the cyanotype references a world of schematics and drawing. It gives the objects I use solidarity, and removes them from their everyday identity."

Jennifer Williams


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