Jeff Wagner is a student of photography at the Community Darkroom in Rochester, New York. Most of his work is in small and medium format (Holga) black and white landscape and abstract photography.
He began studying the cyanotype and Vandyke processes with Tonjia Dunham in 2000. He finds the process itself magical and beautiful, and enjoys exploring the long and interesting history of photography with the limitless opportunities that it inspires. Jeff is represented by the Sunken Gallery in Rochester.

Jeff says about his work:

"The edge between modern and older photographic methods is a vital and exciting one that makes both more powerful as a means for expression."


Jeff Wagner


Shiny New Bike ©

Tempered Steel ©

Great Great Great Grandfather Oak ©

Chaco ©

Waterworks Valves ©

Mr. Warner's Oak ©

Katsr ©

Wagon Wheel ©

Polaroid Transfers

Fee ©

Masks II ©

Liberated Goldfish ©