Jason solely works with Victorian printing processes. He has been selling his 5x7 prints to galleries in London since his graduation in 1998. Jason has spent three years at Falmouth School of Art before comleting his degree at the University of East London. Coming from a fine art background his aesthetics are purely and firmly fine art based. All his cyanotypes are toned in tannic acid to soften the stark blues, creating muted browns and a longer tonal range.

Jason says about his work:

I work with subject matter that complements these delicate processes, combining harmony and tonal balance to produce images of a calm nature.


Jason Bate


Budding Tulips ©

Figurative Pumpkin ©

Halved Marrow ©

Halved Pumpkin II ©

Platinum & Palladiums

Tulip ©

Sunflowers ©