(In his own words) The images may appear to be cherished souvenirs from another time and place; but they are not old images, for all their outward signs of age. They are photographs, but in an age of digital perfection they are different from other forms of imagery in being literally made by hand.

The image is made by interrupting the normal development of a Polaroid, discarding its undeveloped print, and fixing the remaining image to fine Arches watercolor paper through use of a rubber brayer.

It is a hands-on technique, in some ways analogous to traditional printmaking, and it allows for a soft and unpredictable quality that is perfectly suited to exploring the colors and moods of the natural realm.

My art is a conjuring act, a remembrance of things past, in which the old and the new are intertwined.



Jared Millar

Polaroid Image Transfers


Flower ©

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