Janet Matthews lives and works in suburban Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. A former high school art teacher, Matthews rediscovered photography, when she was assigned to teach Photo 1 classes as part of her course load.

Matthews has received bachelor degrees in Studio Art, with a focus on drawing & painting, and in Art Education from the University of Maryland.

She has integrated her background in drawing and painting with photographic methods by using extensive post-darkroom manipulation of her images, using colored pencil, collage and varnishes.

"I am drawn to using hand-applied emulsions as a means of directly engaging with my images and exploring their potential."



Janet Matthews

Gum over cyanotype

All through ©

At Rest ©

Backward Glance ©

Box Problems ©

Each a World ©

For Consideration ©

Snip ©

Underwood ©

Handcolored liquid emulsion

Arch ©

Bubble ©

Clutch ©

Mask ©

Suspend ©

Trace ©

Waterdance 1 ©

Young Woman with Veil ©

Youth with Veil ©