Jan Kapoor has been involved in fine art photography for many years, her primary interests being landscape, natural abstraction and still life. She uses medium and large format cameras, and does extensive printing in cyanotype and platinum/palladium. Kapoor has been drawn to specialize in pinhole imagery for the past several years.

Jan says:

"I find that pinhole is most expressive of the imperceptible passage of time, making visible that which is invisible to the ordinary eye, and of the mystery of non-human life which surrounds us."

Jan's artistic expression has been greatly enhanced by her fine arts background, which includes studies in painting at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston; a two-year program in fine art photography at the Southeastern Center for Photographic Arts; and her recent completion of a BFA summa cum laude in photography at Georgia State University. In addition, she cites influences on her work such as Imogen Cunningham, Clarence John Laughlin and John McWilliams, among many others.

For her platinum palladium images Jan uses cut-down 12x18 Arista ortho film, and each exposure was around 3 hours.


The Intertidal World:
A collection of Jan's work in pinhole and pt/pd

Camera Obscura: Pinhole Photographs

Camera Obscura: Pinhole Photographs
Jan Kapoor
The second book of Jan's pinhole work



Jan Kapoor

Pinhole Photographs

Selfportait Urban Landscape ©

Urban Lanscape 1 ©

Urban Landscape 2 ©


Jan's Hexcamera - 6 pinholes ©

Jan's Hexcamera ©

About the hexcamera: The layering effects are due to the fact that each image entering the camera overlaps somewhat with the adjacent images, plus they are each reversed laterally.

Platinum & Palladiums

Grotto Series 1 ©

Grotto Series 2 ©

Grotto Series 3 ©


Grotto Series 4 ©

Grotto Series 5 ©

Grotto Series 6 ©