Jamie grew up in central Illinois in a small town near Champaign, moved to Chicago at age 17. He worked as a paramedic in Chicago for many years and was recruited into a F.E.M.A. team through an acquaintance at the last minute during the earthquake in Kobe Japan, moved to the St. Louis area in '95, where his career in rescue ended after the attacks of 9/11, after which Jamie became physically distressed, unable to move from bed for nearly five years. Jamie's health began to improve and has been steadily uprising since, now dealing with post traumatic shock and social anxiety disorder (all due from depression compounded by my physical sickness).

Photography has acted as a communication between my injured emotional state and myself, sort of a visual poetry for me to be able to put a face with feelings long indefinable, and therefore enabling me to deal with them much more effectively.


Jamie Williams



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