Jacqueline is a designer and painter and has been working in the fiber art field for 25 years. Her passion is working with design and color with applications of fabric painting, dying, printing, shibori and other surface techniques. Her work has evolved into a collage of multi-media works including felting, embroidery, paper making, quilting, weaving and surface embellishment. Cyanotype printing on fabric and paper complement her other surface design techniques on fabric. Her cyanotype work involves direct printing mainly of plant materials on fabric and photo negatives on paper. She teaches throughout Canada and has exhibited in venues throughout Western Canada.

Jacqueline has studied at the University of Alberta as well as with well known fiber artists. She is a native of Alberta, Canada and lives in Edmonton with her husband and two sons.

"Creativity is a messy business"

All images are cyanotype direct print materials of plants growing in northern Alberta.



Jacqueline Van Fossen


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