Igor Stevanovic was born in 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a self-taught photographer. Initially involved in traditional photography, last several years he has been working with an alternative processes in photography. Especially he explores limits of the Polaroid photography. Also he works with mixed media combining photography with other media and techniques like drawing, painting, collage.

What is Igoroid?
Igoroid is cameraless photography made with polaroid instant film by manipulating a pod containing chemicals. It can be done in a darkroom or even in the full light. Chemicals squeezed out of the pod create a photograph. Under the pressure exerted by either fingers or an object over the surface of the photograph, the chemicals may be spread in whichever direction. The resulting color scheme depends on several factors:

  • the expiration date of polaroid paper
  • the speed at which the chemicals are squeezed out
  • the way in which the chemicals are squeezed out
  • the amount of pressure exerted to squeze the chemicals out
  • the amount of light used to develop the photograph

This kind of photography I entitled Igoroid as a combination of my name and "polaroid"


Igor Stevanovic

Polaroid manipulations


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