Huub lives in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. For several years he has made prints with alternative photographic print techniques, using negatives from pinholecamera's or digital images (printing negatives on an inkjetprinter); the techniques used are cyanotype, oiltype and gumprint.

I started as a normal black and white photogapher, but the lack of a kind of color brought me to the so called "noble" processes.


Huub Beckers



Church cyanotype ©

Kleve 2004 cyanotype 2 ©




Callas and Tulips gum ©




Trees1 oilprint ©

Trees 2 oilprint ©

Trees 3 oilprint ©


Trees 4 oilprint ©

Trees 5 oilprint ©

Trees 6 oilprint ©