Henry's long pursuit of fine black-and-white prints, guided by Fred Picker's books and newsletters, has been overtaken by the greater freedom, frequent surprises, and uniqueness of handcoated processes. He loves the process of printing – and sometimes the outcome too. He is now beginning to explore different pigments for gum prints, especially earth pigments. Recently retired from a university lectureship, he now lives in the South of England.

Henry says:

"When a print takes two or three days to complete, it contains something of myself: a part of my life. So alt prints are much more precious to me than any number of mechanically made pictures, however visually attractive."


Henry Rattle


Still Life with Lunch ©

Quenza ©

Trees ©


Gum bichromates

A Good Friend ©

Beach ©

Boston Waterfront (1984) ©

Frisco Bay (1984) ©

Standing Stones ©

Windmill ©

Still Life 2 ©

Sweet Peas (1985) ©

Gum bichromates & Cyanotypes

Cartwheel ©

Door ©

Fruit ©

Todi ©

Wheels ©