Heinz was born in Vienna and represented international companies in Austria. He also organized exhibitions with surrealistic painters. In 1990 he began to draw with colour-pencils and in 2000 he discovered the posibilities of photography for his ideas. Step by step Heinz finished his commercial activity and today he lives as a self-employed artist.

In the drawings, I have a meticulous need to work until into the smallest detail, but in the photography, I seek the experimental and the alternative one.

The technique of the photograpyh of "Lith-Phossil" (Liph) is Heinz's own invention, it allows him to portray sharp und diffuse contures on the same film-negative. He calls this kind "Phossil" and the photos are developed in Lith.

"Pin's" are from the region Wachau, a world cultural heritage, where Heinz lived since 9 years. They are made with a 3-hole-pinhole-camera. The overlap of light and shadows, mainly an accidental result, exerts a big fasciantion on him - as mediates with ZEN, not I photograph, IT photographs. Photos in Lith on Forte Baryt.

The series "Vienna" (liquid emulsion) were taken with a 17 mm lens and Heinz experimented in the darkroom with the developer in a spray bottle. Also here, coincidence partially is a factor.



Heinz Peter Posselt

Lith prints

Frogtree ©

Iris ©

Lily ©

Poppy ©

Rose ©

Thistle ©

Umbel 1 ©

Umbel 2 ©


Wildthistle ©

Woodtendril ©


Liquid emulsion

Vienna Albertina 1 ©

Vienna Albertina 2 ©

Vienna Albertina 3 ©

Vienna Oper ©

Vienna Peterskirche ©

Vienna Stephanskirche 1 ©

Vienna Stephanskirche 2 ©

Pinholes - Rondeaugrafien

Wachau 1 ©

Wachau 2 ©

Wachau 3 ©

Wachau 4 ©


Wachau 5 ©

Wachau 6 ©