Harvey coordinates the imaging program and is the staff photographer at a botanical research center in Miami, USA. He became interested in photography as a youth and studied at the Southeastern Center for the Arts in Atlanta. He has exhibited nationally, taught workshops, and owned an art gallery in Missoula, Montana. Through his interest in environmentalism and environmental history, Harvey is drawn to the mundane and neglected landscapes of our daily experience. He works slowly and loves the hands-on craft and serendipitous aspects of alternative processes.

I used these processes to disturb the assumption of reality in traditional photographic landscape imagery. The small print size heightens the intimacy of the viewer’s experience.

The monochromes were shot on 8x10 film contact printed on printing-out paper and then gold toned. The color images are polaroid image tranfers of 35mm transparencies on watercolor paper.



Harvey Bernstein

Polaroid Transfers


Aspens and Approaching Thunderstorm ©

Fenceline ©

Young Bulls ©


Nine Trees ©

Looking Westward Towards the Bitterroot Mountains ©

Printing-Out Paper


On Waterworks Hill ©

The Ditch ©

Homage pour Alphonse Terpereau ©