Grace lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland and has been a fine art photographer for about 13 years. She is represented by two commecial galleries and is a member of two cooperative galleries.
Her work has been primarily in traditional gelatin silver prints, concentrating on people in their environments. One of her areas of interest has been the rodeo in Montana. She became interested in the Vandyke alternative process because she thought it would be an ideal way to present the rodeo images.

I have made some platinum-palladium prints but didn't get really excited about alt-processes until I began to print with the Vandyke chemicals.

For the last two years Grace has concentrated primarily on printing Vandyke images of the rodeo and more recently of familiar, every-day places.



Grace Taylor


Barn Maine ©

Attic Maine ©

Kitchen Maine ©

The Youngest Cowboy ©

A Young man's Game ©

Mutton Buster ©

Next Up ©

Thrown ©

Team Roping ©

On the Fence ©

Two Cowboys ©

Stretching ©