George was born in Okinawa in 1971 and currently lives in Mill Creek, WA, USA.

George has been experimenting with alternative processing and pinhole photography off and on since 2000, and he also likes to paint and draw but the idea of "painting with light" is amazing to him.

I'm much more interested in photo processing than taking the photos themselves.

Georges favorite process is gum bichromate. The slow pace, the layering, the interesting mixture of colors, and the patience required makes it very satisfying for him. He was helped by David Scopick's bookThe Gum Bichromate Bookand a lot of experimentation.


George Strausser

Gum Bichomates

2 Fish ©

Adams House ©

Bill ©

Blue Hannah ©

Bubba ©

Cutty Sark ©

Emma Sleeps ©

Emma Smiles ©

Fountain ©
Gum Bichomate with pinhole negative

Gargoyle ©

Hannah's Temper ©

Lighthouse ©
Gum Bichomate with pinhole negative

Mt St Helens ©
Gum Bichomate with pinhole negative

Pont Neuf ©

Sea Monster ©

Trafalger Tavern ©