Although Eric was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1959, he considers himself a California at heart. Raised in the Santa Clara Valley from 1962 he lived in Northern California until moving to Taos, NM in 1990. He has been active in photography since 1978. Although a real interest in photography didn't develop until he entered college, he received early exposure to photography while attending grade school in San Jose, making contact prints and developing film.

After working in a camera store for several years, he apprenticed in the portrait studio of Emma Hooker in Los Altos, CA. His involvement in platinum/palladium printing began 1982 when he became Chuck Henningsen's photographic assistant in Portola Valley, California.

Eric about the Pl/Pd process:

Although much of my photographic knowledge was based in traditional B&W and color, adding the platinum/palladium printing process was relatively easy for me because of my background in chemistry.

In late 1983, Eric was introduced to Tom Millea, a highly regarded platinum printer and Chuck Henningsen's teacher. Through much of his early platinum printing, Eric was able to ask Tom for answers to platinum printing problems.
After running both a commercial photography business and the Taos Photographic Workshops in Taos, Eric relocated to Dallas with his family and later set up a studio in the Fair Park/ Deep Elum area in 1998.
He has taught workshops in platinum/palladium printing since 1992. As a teacher, Eric believes that sharing the information, which allows students to form an understanding of the nuances of printing is a vital part of the learning process.

Eric about learning:

The creation of perfect images involves years of learning and tremendous dedication. Every day brings a new situation, and the learning process never ends.




Eric Neilsen


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