Emil Schildt is a self-taught photographer who has been taking pictures for more than 20 years - portraits and still life, and also identical twin with photographer Anders Schildt
He is now working as a teacher in photography in a highschool in the northern part of Denmark. His favourite techniques are cyanotypes, polymeregravure and liquid emulsions. Emil has had several exhibithions in Denmark and Europe.

Emil says about his work:

I have allways been interested in old/odd techniques, because I like the imperfections.


Emil Schildt

Liquid Emulsion

Dried Leaf ©

Kala ©

Marianne on Wood ©

Kala with Pearls ©

Lilleage ©

Sara - Diana portrait ©

Still Life with Skull ©

Tired Engel ©

Polaroid Transfers & Gum bichromates

Anna ©

Transfer ©

Watches ©

Wing of Duck ©

Natilus Shell ©

Oilprint ©

gum bichromate


Photo Polymer Gravure & Cyanotypes

Kala with Flowers ©

Polymer ©

Trines Portrait ©

Cyanportrait ©

La Traviata ©

Kranie ©

liquid emulsion