Ted is a semi-retired photographer living in Australia who took up alternate processes about a year ago just out of interest.

So far he has experimented with salted paper and cyanotype prints, and intends to move into VanDyke shortly.

He has done them by making 5 x 4 copy negative of photographs he has taken over the years. This does require some experimenting as the contrast of the copy negs does not always suit the process.

"Some topics look better in the cyanotype blue that in the salt reddish/brown."

One important thing that he has learned is that there is always room for something to go wrong.

This gallery has 5 cyanotypes taken in Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Australia and three salted paper prints taken in Switzerland and Australia.


Edward Richards



Breaking Wave ©

Helsinki Harbour ©

Mount Titlis and Bird ©


Swedish Lake ©

Three Birds ©



Beach Footprints ©

Cameruka Church ©

Swiss Church ©