Domenico started his career in Italy as a commercial photographer in 1984. As a freelance photographer he received assignments from magazines such as L'Archidea, Il Punto, and from the daily papers Il Resto del Carlino and L'Unita. Soon he became part of the photography staff of Ravenna City Hall. He quickly developed contacts with political figures who utilized his services, ranging from portraits to documentation of national conventions.
After 5 years his career took a drastic turn. Being that his approach to photography is closer to fine art than documentary and photojournalism, he decided to move to the United States. Once there, he focused on giving his work a more personal tone. He began creating different portfolios, always trying to approach each project with a different technique or subject matter. The work draws directly from self introspection.

Domenico says about his work:

"I find fulfillment in creating mood in each image at the risk of going against the general rules and applying techniques."

About the process used in the 'Tarnished Promises' portfolio:
Domenico's images are regular silver prints printed on fiber based paper. They go through split sepia toning, then fullselenium toning and then he applies liberally potassium ferricianyde by means of brushes or sponges.

Domenico comments:
"You are asking me which is the name of the process.......MMMhh I never thought about it and I don't think I want to give it a name... I am not an authority in chemistry and I feel that if I had to give it a name I should know what happens at the molecular level, when I apply the bleach. We are not talking about silver anymore, because the image is toned in selenium which transforms the silver in silver selenide which instead of disappearing in contact of the bleach it goes through a process that I believe we can call oxidation.
Stability?It requires a lot of washing, and now I am experimenting with rc paper which reacts in a very interesting way."


Domenico Foschi

Self-invented process

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