Dick is a police officer and have been taking amateur photographs for the last 25 years. His subjects have spanned from landscape and architecture to people on the streets and in his garage come studio.

Dick has experimented with different kinds of techniques such as liquid light and sulphideprint. In 2000 he reached the masterclass by the "Dutch Photo Union". For the last 3 years Dick has been experimenting with lithprinting, using different kind of developers and dillutions and different kind of papers.

I like the soft lights and the hard blacks in a lithprint. You can use lithprinting for different kind of photo's.

Dick also recommendsTim Rudman: The master Photographer's Lith Printing Coursefor beginners of the process.


Dick van der Zande


Goere ©

Pte Trevignon, Bretagne 1 ©

Pte Trevignon, Bretagne 2 ©

Tessa ©

Paris Metro ©

Paris Clochard ©

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