Devon Johnson, from Richmond, Virginia, USA, is currently working towards a BFA in Photography at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

Devon specializes in archaic and historic photographic processes, which he hopes to preserve and promote as an educator and practitioner. Devon makes contact prints from large format negatives developed in pyro, as he believes this produces unsurpassed detail. The equipment Devon used was all available over a hundred years ago. He shoots with a 100-year-old 8x10 view camera, as well as a range of antique lenses. The vignetting seen in many of the photographs is the result of working with this antiquated equipment. The photographic process, like the equipment, also dates back to the nineteenth century. The images were contact printed on silver chloride print-out paper and then gold-toned, a process that dates back to 1884. Currently Devon uses Kentmere's POP distributed by Chicago Albumen Works. Devon's work deals with the complexities, legacies, and myths surrounding the history of the American South. His focus currently is on documenting colonial and antebellum structural remains and historic landscapes.


Devon Johnson

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Bacon's Castle, Surry Co. VA ©

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