Denise is an artist, photographic processes researcher, and naturalist. She was collecting ‘nature stuff’ and making watercolor illustrations before she could read. That love of both art and science has followed her through the years. Soon after starting to become a science illustrator, Denise discovered photography. As is so often the case with photography, once ‘discovered’ it became a consuming passion. But, for Denise, art and science can never be separated.

After working in most areas of professional photography, and a decade of graduate school, alternating between art and science classes, she received a Master’s Degree with an emphasis on wetlands restoration and started a restoration seed laboratory. The sale of her business in 1997 allowed Denise finally to commit to photography. Handcoloring, stereography, handcrafted silver gelatin paper and three-color gum printing all come together in an effort to see and understand the world. All cameras and all processes are fair game. Denise embraces the ‘unified field theory of photography’.

For the last ten years, Denise has centered her photography on volunteer recognition and fund-raising. This year she launched The Light Farm, dedicated to the renaissance of handcrafted silver gelatin emulsions.

"Something irreplaceable will be lost if we allow the tactile knowledge of historical photographic processes to slip away. It would be like losing a language."

Denise Ross

Handcrafted silver gelatin prints

Ona Rocks ©

Beaverpond ©

Beverly Beach Light ©

Oak Ent ©

Santiam Winter ©

Seal Rock Cove ©

Seaweed ©

Yaquina Bowl ©

Yaquina Fog ©

Silvergum (gum over silver gelatin)

Beach Seep ©

Courage ©

Hydrangea ©

Hydrangea Closeup ©

Cape Spray ©

Old Forest ©

Skunk Cabbage ©