Deborah studied photography at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and Arizona State University. She has a BFA in Photography and a Master's in Photography/Art Education. She has been teaching photography full time sine 1982, the last ten years at Prescott College in northern Arizona where she resides with her family. She has received numerous awards and fellowships and participated in many Artist-in-Residence programs around the country including Ucross Foundation, Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Arts, Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, Isle Royale National Park, Glacier National Park and Aspen Guard Station and more. Deborah has been working in alternative processes since the early 1970's.

Historically, I’ve used 19th century photographic processes for their photographic and descriptive qualities as well as their abilities to be applied and combined in a painterly manner.

Deborah also says: I have always combined various elements found in nature together in my imagery through combination printing or multiple exposure techniques as a way of creating "new" realities based on existing visual information, looking for analogous or new relationships. I began to experiment combining these photographic processes in hopes to illustrate or synthesize this understanding... two processes combining... to form a different whole, creating hybrid–like results.


Deborah Ford

Cyanotypes and Kallitypes

Codium 1 ©

Codium 2 ©

Codium Lichen 1 ©

Codium Lichen 2 ©

Fern Lichen 1 ©

Fern Lichen 2 ©

Fern Lichen 3 ©

Fiddle Head ©


Fiddle Head Lichen ©

Skullpetro ©

Two Skulls Petro ©