David grew up on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota where university courses in Photography and Painting lead to his involvement with the arts.
In 1975, David moved to Alaska, where he continued his involvement in the arts and the university community and over the years he has worked with Intaglio Printmaking (Etching), Relief Printmaking (Woodcuts, Lino-cuts, etc.), Serigraphic Printing (Silkscreen), Painting (Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil), Batik, Silk Painting, Photography, Digital Art, Drawing, and Paper Making. He has also studied metalworking, stone carving, jewelry making, gemology, lapidary, photography, digital art, and collage.
What once started as a hobby has become a primary activity and David's work has been shown in a number of local art shows and received a number of awards and been featured on the cover of the humorous Alaskan wildlife guidebookHot on the Trail.
David enjoys experimenting a great deal with technique and materials.

"Art is my play time, a time for the other side of my brain to get its chance be creative."

The images shown here are Cyanotype "Shadow Graphs" of local plants.



David W. Riccio


Behind the Studio ©

Behind the Studio 2 ©

Elderberry 1 ©

Group of Ferns ©

Rusty Menziesia 2 ©

Salmon Berry ©

Watermelon Berry 1©

Watermelon Berry ©