With several life-times of work under his belt, David Michael Kennedy is a remarkable mixture of New York tenacity and New Mexican frontiersman. His prints of southwest lands and skies, celebrities like Bob Dylan, Isaac Stern and Bruce Springsteen and Native American Dancers from the Sioux Reservations in South Dakota and New Mexican Pueblos, have made Kennedy's work sought after by collectors from around the world.
Working in New York in the 1970s and 80s, Kennedy developed a career in advertising, editorial, album cover and portrait photography. In 1987 he realized a long-standing dream when he left New York and moved with his family to northern New Mexico where he began to produce an intensely personal and captivating body of work based on the spectrum of the southwest.
Permission to photograph the Dancers involved lengthy negotiations with the governing body of the Eight Northern Pueblos before approval was given for the project. At that time Kennedy arranged for a portion of the sales of prints to be paid to the Eight Northern Pueblos.

David says about his work:

"The rich brown tones of the palladium images, bordered by lively brush strokes, recall turn-of-the century sepia photographs by Edward S. Curtis and albumen prints by William Henry Jackson."


David Michael Kennedy

Platinum and palladiums

Cerrillos ©

Brewster Window ©

Bessie May ©


Dylan Zuma Beach ©

Heyoka Lakota Nation ©

Lakota Ghost Dancer ©

Taos Hoop ©