David took the first step on the journey to his photographic career by enrolling in a darkroom course while in college, often working late into the night processing his black & white images. This humble beginning led him to open his portrait studio in 1969.

Black & white portraits are David's passion, sowhile most portrait studios abandoned black & white in favor of color, David lectured to professional photography associations in the 1990's about the benefits of offering black & white portrait services. With a little bit of "Divine Intervention" and some "dumb luck," David ended up in a Bromoil Process workshop in 1995 taught coincidentally by David W. Lewis, the Canadian Bromoil Master. Under the tutelage of David W., David R. quickly took to the Bromoil Process, realizing the controllable and archival qualities of the process.

David finds the Bromoil Process quite suitable to his landscapes, some of his portraits and fine art nudes. David works from his portrait studio located in Canton, Illinois, USA.

"In today's society where mediocrity is becoming more and more acceptable, the Bromoil Print allows me as an artist to create that ' one of a kind ' image for those discriminating individuals who recognize and truly appreciate the art."


David Lewis

Bromoil prints

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