Dave Rose is a photographer residing in Powell, Wyoming. Dave graduated from Colorado Mountain College in 1984 with an AAS in Commercial Photography. He's exhibited his photographs in New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. His work ranges from conventional B&W and color to gum, cyanotype, pinhole, and digital.


Dave Rose

Cyanotypes on Gum bichromates

Stream in fog, Bitterroot Range, Montana ©

Great Swamp, New Jersey ©

Alcove Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon, Utah ©

Passaic River, New Jersey ©

Clouds, New Jersey ©

Fall Colors, Great Swamp, New Jersey ©

Petroglyphs, 3 Rivers, New Mexico ©


Poison Ivy, Great Swamp, New Jersey ©

Hoh Rainforest, Washington ©

Old Car, Great Swamp, New Jersey ©


Gum bichromates

North Fork Iron Wash, Utah ©

Roadkill Dog, Richfield, Utah ©

Pictographs, Horseshoe Canyon, Utah ©


Little Wild Horse Canyon, Utah ©

Pictographs, Great Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon, Utah ©