Dan started using Polaroid instant products in the mid 1970’s during college and quickly developed an attachment for several films and processes. Over the years he used SX-70, 669 and 665 P/N films for professional and personal work.

From the very beginning Dan liked the look of the SX-70 manipulations and 669 image transfers. He didn’t set out to confuse anyone’s perception, or to compel acceptance of my work. He simply wanted to generate a response in the viewer. He wanted discussion and the viewer to step closer to the image and figure out what is happening.

I think image transfers and manipulations lend themselves to pushing the boundaries of possibility. I never know exactly how the end result will look, so my preconceptions are irrelevant.



Dan Bandel

Polaroid transfers

24 Runs Wins Choice ©

Alabama ©

Double Tapestry ©

Guitar Solo ©

Kennebunkport ©

Naknek, Alaska ©

Opus Number 3 ©

Winter ©


Yellow and Red ©