Claudia is an Italian-born photographer currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. She was born and raised in Naples, Italy. In Rome, she attended St. Stephen's High School and John Cabot College. Claudia emigrated to the United States in 1985 and graduated from Emerson College Magna cum Laudae in 1989.
In 1991 she attended the New England School of Photography and graduated with High Honors. She then moved on to teaching Alternative Darkroom Processes and Studio Lighting at the Art Institute of Boston. After this she worked as a freelance fashion/rock-n-roll photographer. Claudia has spent the past three years perfecting Black and White Infrared techniques and traveling throughout Italy.

"I believe that every palace has a ghost guarding it, every piazza has an angel. The places photographed have strong vibrations which I feel I have successfully captured through the medium of Infrared film. Everything that happens throughout history leaves an indelible mark on the places it affected. In this portfolio I wish to impress on the viewer the importance of listening with one's eyes."



Claudia Bruno


Angel Bridge ©

Chiesa della Salute ©

Fontana del Sebeto ©

Gondolas in Snow ©

Jesus in a Shop ©

Masks on the Bridge of Sighs ©

Palazzo donn Anna ©

Piazza del Popolo ©


Snowstorm in Piazza San Marco ©

Trevi Fountain ©