An artist by heart, Che Mambong's ardor for traveling helps her discover her passion in creative writing and fine art photography. A serious traveler, she likes wandering alone off beaten tracks in exotic locations to learn from strangers and one's culture. The journey that becomes the amalgam of her experience as an artist and taught her to treat life with greater sensitivity.

An accomplished entrepreneur, she flies small planes visiting secluded places in the Philippines. Growing up, her keen observation of her surroundings led her to take photography seriously. She signs her art works using CHe Ma as her artist name.

I'm still expermenting with salt printing and discovering a lot of things. its imperfection and uniqueness of each prints make it beautiful.

Che says: Salt Print is the first alternative process i've ever tried. It's archival quality of reddish brown images with delicate higlights and deep detailed shadows work perfectly with the subject close to my heart: The Himalayas. The same way, Salt print allows me to enjoy a satisfying sense of history for it is the grandfather of all photographic process. As an artist, I use my camera as the extension of my eyes.



Che Mambong


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