Caroline says she particularly loves the old emulsion Kentmere Kentona paper which gives beautiful reds and pinks in mature developer.

Herpicture of the Tewkesbury Tomb is an example of an exquisite plaster pink from this paper. Caroline is a monochrome photographer and printer, who discovered lith printing a few years ago when she heard a talk given by Tim Rudman.

Cue large-scale purchase of selenium toner for the wonderful multi-coloured prints offered by lith developer followed by selenium toning. The image called "Delphiniums" is a multi-coloured selenium toned lith.

Caroline was born in Cheltenham, UK, in 1961, and has as an adult lived mainly in Devon and Herefordshire. She now lives near the Welsh border and have a darkroom in her barn, which she shares with too many squirrels.

Caroline studied English Medieval Studies at Exeter University in the 1980. This has influenced her photographic work. Another tip from Caroline is Kentmere papers: Art Classic and Kentona in particular, but also Paterson Acugrade Warmtone.

I make lith prints because they are so beautiful. Warm, creamy highlights and rich dark shadows create such mysterious pictures.


Caroline Beaumont


By Lyonshall Church ©

Cottage Gate ©

Delphiniums 2 ©

Erythronium 2 ©

Gravestones ©

Haunted Barn ©

Hergest Forest ©

Tewkesbury Tomb ©


Urn Cementry Graveyard ©

Vaughan Kingston Church ©

Victoria Suspension Bridge ©