Ten years ago, Carol Gula was seduced by the creative potential of the alternative photographic processes. She has been experimenting ever since.

Combining traditional photography with modern digital, she produces contact negatives, which are expressed as Kallitype or Cyanotype prints. She also creates images using Polaroid transfers, emulsion lifts and SX-70 film.

Having studied photography in California, she currently resides on the west coast of Florida.

Carol says:

I feel that every paper has its own personality. Each one collaborates with a process, to produce a unique interpretation of the original image.



Carol Gula

Polaroid Image Transfers

Portulaca ©

Vase ©

View from the Bridge ©

Gold Star ©

Orange Flowers ©

Caboose ©

Water Glass ©

Palms ©

Pinky ©

Ivy Pot ©

Two Orchids Dancing ©

View from Marth ©

Passaflora ©


Polaroid SX-70's

Gulf Walk ©

Glads ©

Rose ©


Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

Gray Skies ©





River ©

Lotus ©

Banana Blossom ©



Kait Store ©

Kalli 1 ©

Kalli 2 ©


Window Orchid ©

Vanda ©