(In her own words) I was born in 1970 in La Romana, a small town in the Dominican Republic. I have been living in New York for about 14 years. Today, I speak and write in broken Spanish and broken English; I feel caught in the middle of a frontier that I can only attempt to cross through art. Contrary to some feminist’s ideologies, it doesn’t bother me to be classified as a “woman artist, with women’s issues” because I am a female artist with female issues. The mood of my artwork is sensual, violent, often sad, dealing with my cogitations on race, myth, and identity.

In my work I combine archaic photographic processes with digital media, video, painting, and printmaking methods. I have a BFA and MFA from Pratt Institute. Most recently, my work has been exhibited in Madrid, Korea, Frankfurt, Cuba, Australia and New York. I was the recipient of the 2004 New York Foundations for the Arts Fellowship in photography and painting. In addition to my studio work, I teach Drawing, Design, and Digital Media for the State University of New York at New Paltz. I print in my darkroom at home and paint in my studio in Kingston, New York.


Carmen Lizardo

Gum bichromates

Self Portrait Hanging in Tia’s living room (American Flag series) ©

Self Portrait with mouth tattoo (American Flag series) ©

Self Portrait with Pink Dress and Blue House (American flag series) ©

Self Portrait with pink dress with green frame (American Flag series) ©


Self Portrait with pink dress in black void (American Flag series) ©

Self Portrait with forehead tattoo (American Flag series) ©