Bruno is a visual artist who works with the concept of light. He uses its manifestations to communicate and to question reality, as it is perceived.

Bruno was born in Oporto, Portugal and in 2001 graduated in Art & Comunication - Photography - from Escola Superior Artistica do Porto.
Since then his work has been integrated in some private collections and presented throughout several solo and group exhibitions in Portugal, The Netherlands, China, Germany and France.

Evoking social aspects of our life, my work reflects on the appearance of things as mutable and defined by light; but is on the creation of new forms, through light, that I explore - what our eyes don't see.

Bruno Anedda



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Materialized Shadow 05 ©

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Gum bichromates

Portrait ©

China ©

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Gum Oils

Pt & Pd's


Boavista ©


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Salted Paper

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