Blue Mitchell makes his home and art in Portland Oregon. He considers and implements many photographic techniques in his work including Holga, pinhole, Polaroid, film and digital cameras as well as alternative processes, scanners, aged paper, wax, installation, collage, acrylic transfers and hand drawing. His work has been published and exhibited nationally as well as internationally online.

Blue was born in 1974 in a small town in eastern Montana. He spent many of his formative years dreaming and exploring the vast lands of his home state. As a young adult he enlisted in the Marine Corps. After his discharge he spent a couple years soul searching and landed at Montana State University in the Media and Theater Arts program studying film. He became enamored with photography, moved to the West Coast and ultimately earned his BFA at the Oregon College of Art & Craft in 2005. Blue is currently the Exhibitions Coordinator for

Although there are many methods of doing this process I've found this one to be the most successful for my imagery. Images are scanned, reversed in Photoshop, and printed with K3 inks on photo paper. The image is 'lifted' with acrylic gel medium (matte) by applying several thin coats and letting them dry in between coating. When coating I use a foam brush and after each coat I crisscross my strokes to create a weave which strengthens the gel's surface. After about 10 layers have been applied and dried the birch wood (thinly gessoed) is coated a couple times as well with the gel. While still wet the image is applied to the wood and burnished or rolled with a rolling pin. Press and let dry overnight. The backing paper of print is then wetted and peeled off revealing the original image orientation. Small bits of the paper can be left for atmospheric effects. Lastly they are coated with a semi-gloss UV varnish for protection from light and sun, which also darkens the blacks of the image. The final image slightly reveals the wood grain, mostly in the highlights of the image.

Blue Mitchell

Acrylic lifts

Divine Escape ©

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Lithe ©

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Reconstructing Nature ©

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Burnt transparencies

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