Billy is a 23 year old living in Grapevine, Texas, about 25 miles northwest of Dallas, taking his first steps towards a career in photography and art. He is a 2005 graduate of Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Studio Art, with concentrations in photography and printmaking. He has printed gums since the spring of 2002 when he first learned of the process during school.

Since learning the process, I have been making gum bichromate prints which have amazed my fellow students, professors, and quite frankly, even myself.

Billy taught himself the process by trial and error for the most part, aside from initial advice from his teachers. He uses digital film scans or images to print transparencies which he then uses to print Gums. Billy says he is thrilled to use new modern technologies with centuries old techniques cooperatively in creating his work.


Billy Mabrey

Gum bichromates

Beach Birds ©

Bridge over Creek ©

A Clear Place in the Woods ©

Moonlit Manlit Clouds ©

Lindsay and Maisy ©

Moonlit Manlitclouds ©

NY City Birds ©

Rockefeller Center ©


Plane Wing ©

Reaching for the Moon ©