Bill is new to photography by comparison with many others. He began the trek in 2002 when he enrolled in photography classes in his home town of New Orleans. With his new found education and a love for 'all things photographic' he set out to explore the world though eyes which saw things much differently than they had before. His equipment ranges from digital (of course) though Medium format and even fully manual TLR cameras, there was nothing that was off limits.

When Bill sets out to find worthy photographic subjects, he says that, while looking around:

Something will just 'click' and I'll know that I need to get the shot. These are usually my most interesting photos.

While B&W printing in his home darkroom was, and is, interesting, Polaroid image transfers are now among his growing photographic interests. The resulting image blurs the line between a photograph and a painting. Many seem to take on a mood of their own and the overall appearance of the finished transfer also seems to pull the viewer into the frame to get a closer look. The result is a very intimate image that is nothing short of magical!

The transfers here were taken at Historic Fort Jackson, Located about 80 miles southeast of New Orleans. They were all taken before hurricane Katrina, Bill has not returned to visit the Fort since the storm.



Bill Wolfe

Polaroid Transfers


Fort Jackson 1 ©

Fort Jackson 2 ©

Fort Jackson 3 ©


Fort Jackson 4 ©

Fort Jackson 5 ©

Fort Jackson 6 ©

Crawfish ©

Fire Plug Transfer ©

Impatients ©

Ivy and Wood ©

Orange Flower ©

Out by the Pool ©

Pond ©

Purple ©


Stained Glass ©

Tulips ©

White Flowers ©