Benediktas educational background includes a Master degree in engineering and pedagogy from L.A.O.A. After working for few years in pedagogical sphere, he abruptly left the field and turned to photography in middle 1980’s. Now he is a freelance artist and his most recent works involve a study shapes and forms of N.C. mountains stones and sand dunes of North America and Africa.

His photographs reveal interest to find abstract path to nature and he feels that hand made classical photograph (now including gelatin silver) is his vehicle of choice for self expression and he has explored many creative classical avenues forms of photography: silver gelatine, platinum/palladium, cyanotype, Polaroid emulsion transfers.

Photography to me is the revelation of the code of existence. It is not necessary to note it. The most important is to reveal it. Perhaps this is why the existential principle of my photography is to capture and transfer on a sheet the invisible essence of a visible form, to touch the existence or to render it some playfulness.


Benediktas Krikshtanas

Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

Chimney Sonata I ©

Chimney Sonata II ©

Chimney Sonata III ©

Chimney Sonata IV ©

Chimney Sonata IX ©

Chimney Sonata VIII ©

Letter About Interaction ©

Letter About Lost Feelings ©

Letter About Rain ©

Letter About Sound ©

Platinum and palladiums

The Glide of Classics ©

The Glide of Dream ©

The Glide of Tercet ©

The Glide of Wisdom ©

The Glide of Feathery ©

The Glide of Frost ©

The Glide of Idaho ©

The Glide of March 8th ©


The Glide of Quietude ©

The Glide of Sand ©