Anne Dunckel is a young photographer with the love of any way to flip an image around. She found Polaroid emulsion lifts through this website after getting bored with the Polaroid transfer process. She experiments with a way to give a square framed image life and motion beyond the frame weather it be through graffiti art, sewing, or Polaroid emulsion lifts. Her subjects usually come from placing friends in uncomfortable outfits and positions, which are then captured and enriched through the emulsion lifting process. Anne works in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, USA.

These are a few images from a summer series called daydream #56.

"It is pure rapture to see your image animated in water. The process, not the result is what I love most about emulsion lifts."


Anne Dunckel

Polaroid emulsion lifts

3D Leg ©

Arturo ©

Beaded Maid ©

Floater ©

Leggs ©

Selfportrait ©

Twist ©

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