Alessandro is an architect born in Rome, Italy, in 1960, where he also lives and works.

When he was about 25, he began using photography in his work, as he often contributed to a group of archaeologists in studies of medieval buildings and sculptures. He has been working for about 15 years for the Department of History of Art of the University of Rome and other institutions, traveling all over Italy with his heavy equipment in a big trolley (a field camera 4x5", a medium format 6x7 cm, etc.). Lots of his photos and drawings were published in several books, scientific reviews and in the 'Treccani' encyclopedia.

Today Alessandro's main interest is the history of photography and, above all, the relationship between painting and optic devices from the XVI to the XIX century and he his trying to use ancient techniques of pictorial photography. He has a technical survey named ‘Tra Pittura e Fotografia’ (Between Painting and Photography) on the website

"My grandfather was a painter and photographer, and when I was young, I used to play with his old folders all day long. It helped my interest in photography."

Alessandro Jazeolla

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