Alberto was born 1948 in Venice, Italy. Chemist, fond of mountains and photography, he began his amateur activity when he was a teenager. His preferred subjects are Dolomites landcapes, alpine flowers, Venice and its lagoon. In the 70's he set up his darkroom with the purpose of graphically elaborating his images. Recently he approached the alternative techniques as a means of giving the observer a different temporal reference of the reality.



Alberto Novo

Cyanotypes & Saltprints

Antelao ©

Bell Singer ©

Larzonei no. 13 ©

Rizzios ©


Lago delle Baste ©

Old Pine ©

Tofane ©


Gum bichromates

Pratopiazza ©

Vinigo ©

Hay Loft ©



From Forcella Misurina ©

Dal Monte Mondeval ©

Pelmo ©

Tofana di Rozes, Southern slope ©


Sulphurated Brass

Tre Cime di Lavaredo ©

Valfonda ©

Speedwell ©
sulphurated brass



Corte della Madonna ©

Corte Morosina ©

Corte delle Scale ©

Corte Petriana ©