Alan was trained as a biochemist and researched for several years before moving into full-time teaching. About 12 years ago he began teaching photography and he is now Head of Photography at City College Brighton and Hove, UK.
Photography has been a part of Alan's life 'for as long as he can remember', though how much time he has been able to spend on it has fluctuated over the years according to the demands of job and family.
Alan doens't have ONE particular subject, but photographs what interests him at the time.

Alan says:

"Partly because of my teaching, but mainly through inclination, I need to try all sorts of processes and approaches."

Alan is fascinated by the Alternative techniques both because of the craft skills involved and the visual richness of the end product - a necessary foil to the digital blandness of the present day. He also wishes he didn't have to work so he could spend much more time to explore and perfect these techniques.

Alan says:

"There are no boring photographs - only bored people!"

About the Muppets series
All of these images were produced by scanning the figurines directly on the flatbed scanner. After conversion to greyscale in Photoshop the image was inverted to a negative and the negative printed out to overhead transparency film (from JetTec) using an Epson C80 after applying a correction curve which fits the digital scale to the cyanotype scale. The digital negatives were then printed using the classic cyanotype process on Fabriano 5 water colour paper.



Alan Mynett

Blue Muppets series


Animal ©

Fozzy ©

Gonzo ©


Kermit ©

Piggy ©

Rizzo ©


Monet's Garden series

Polaroid Transfers

Giverny 1 ©

Giverny 2 ©

Giverny 3 ©

Giverny 4 ©

Giverny 7 ©

Rose 1 ©

Rose 2 ©


Postcards from Bruges

Kallitypes / Vandyke Browns

Bruges 1 ©

Bruges 2 ©

Bruges 3 ©


Bruges 4 ©

Bruges 7 ©

Bruges 8 ©


Springtime series

Vandykes & Pinhole Photographs

These are pinhole images (5 x 4 camera, on Polaroid Type 55) printed as Vandykes and gold toned.

Apples ©

Blossom ©

Jug ©

Wind ©

Four faces of Paul series

Cyanotypes & Gum bichromates

Paul 1 ©

Paul 2 ©
Gum over cyanotype

Paul 3 ©
Gum over cyanotype

Paul 4 ©
Gum over cyanotype