Adrian is from San Francisco, California, West coast, USA. His images are gum bichromate or gum over cyanotype.  They are all approximately 12x18 inches.

He says: "For me, one of the most gratifying aspects of the creative process is using my hands.

I love the highly manual development process of gum bichromate printing, as the photographic image becomes as much rendered on paper as it is printed there.

The realism inherent to photography is softened by the textures of selected pigments and paper. When I stand back and look at a successful print, what I see is personal; an expression that is mine. It is tremendously satisfying."


Adrian Elwell

Cyanotypes / Gum bichromates

Golden Gate ©

Vines Boston ©

Bridge Fens Boston ©

Boy and Door ©

The Shed Window ©

Black Sands Beach ©

Window and Stairs 1 ©

Window and Stairs 2 ©

Pomegranates ©

Grapefruit ©

Three Sunflowers ©

Dahlia ©

White Calla ©