Whenever Aaron looks through his viewfinder he will see things, not for what they truly are, but as puzzle pieces that he will compose to form some kind of picture that he sees as a representation of what he is or what he feels. He uses light and shadows to express this and he finds lines, curves and shapes to articulate some kind of an emotional connection as he makes his depictions both universal and extremely personal. When he’s made an image that has a strong sense of composition and design and if he has found a way to make the image somewhat vague but at the same time, has some kind of passionate strength, he feels he has done his duty.

I have been using alternative processes for the past few years and I’ve fallen in love with it. I adore the unexpected pleasure that both film and alternative processes can bring.

Aaron was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he plans on getting his BA in Photography at GRCC. He is self taught on numerous levels of image taking through his knowledge of the various skills he’s learned over the years. He lives happily with his wife and two children.


Aaron Boot



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